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O1 Prague Arrival, Recon

Pepsi, Tram


I hadn’t been checked in at the hotel for more than 30 minutes when I decided it was time to get out and into Prague and see what was around. A quick recon with one camera and a 35mm lens would be enough. It was raining lightly. It was Monday

Hotel 987 is only a five minute walk to Old Town Square. So, the adventure begins.

The electric crackle of the trams reminded me a lot of Milan, especially given that it is gray and rainy, the naked trees and lack of warmth impress a dreary post-apocalyptic tone to the outing. Modern structure in Winter gives me this feeling. It was Winter in Milan.

A chair on some scaffolding makes a nice silhouette against a gray blanket sky, and frames a walking woman carrying a folded umbrella.

Powder Blue Pepsi Lady, so European, adorns a building wall. I adore you as my landmark, seeing you, I know I am close to home. You are a fine backdrop to a red tram full of people this saturated day (are they dreaming of Pepsi too?).

Wet cobblestone spotted with Umbrella People makes for interesting shots. Red Umbrella, what are you thinking? Walk away, I am following you with my camera. click, click.

A lady runs in the rain, in a hurry for something, she is in black but framed by the pink St. Nicholas. A town square bristles with walkers and lookers, I am not the only one with a camera

Old Town Square, the rain, umbrellas, colorful architecture, all make for poetic studies.

Here are a few shots in the first Out & about gallery:



Many churches I find are closed, it is Monday. I hope that is the reason. Only one is open. St. Nicholas of Old Town Square (there is another St. Nicholas in the Little Quarter), open for entrance, though it is roped off inside offering limited access. Baroque style brings to mind an ornate wedding cake. It is currently open only for services and is famous for its public music performances (sadly for me, they begin in April).

Both this (1730’s) and the Little Quarter St Nicholas (1702) are the Baroque creations of architect Kryštof Dientzenhofer. Information abounds on the web.

Here are some shots of St. Nicholas II



With the St Charles Bridge under repair, another photo op denied me, I opt to meander toward the Jewish Quarter for a visit to the renowned Jewish Cemetery. Definitely a consecrated space, set aside for the rest of the dead and memory of the living.

12,000 tomb stones undulate poetically above an estimated 100,000 buried. Small pebbles rest atop the markers as wishes and prayers, offering respect to lives once lived.



New Town Wednesday…

8 Responses to “O1 Prague Arrival, Recon”

  1. Regina says:

    Yeah’ you are there. Isn’t this the greatest city???? Get some good sleep and a great big breakfast and hit the road. So excited to see what you are going to be shooting. I left you an e-mail about the Mucha windows and St. Nicholas church, time of day, refracted light, etc.
    If you get a chance to eat out, remember to order the venison or the duck. It’s hunted right in the wood around the city and you can’t believe how good it is. No gamey taste, not fatty and they really know how to cook it. Duck is served everywhere, even at the street cafe’s.
    The name’s of the artists that we bought the sculpture from is Olga and Miroslav Hudeckovi. Miroslav works in clay and most in Biblically themed characters. Amazing “Mother and child” pieces- giant heads of the disciples. I was sondering if he had any pieces in a church on the modern side of Prague – Regina

  2. Wayne says:

    Off and running. Looks cool already. W

  3. Art Alvarez says:

    I feel like I am there with you, I love the headstones and the prayer wishes on top the headstones. The cathedrals are fantastic and what detail “my God!!!” It does look cold there, have someone take a picture of you.

    Take care my friend,


  4. Wayne says:

    Hi Jeff. The cemetery shots are very powerful. Thanks for taking me with you. W

  5. Great shots already, Jeff. Can’t wait to see what transpires for you over there.

  6. Alan says:

    Hey there, Jeffe! Fantastic blog setup! And it’s always great to see the world through your eye… Best wishes -Alan

  7. Very nice photos Jeff,

    I’m very happy to be a (small) part of your project and hope to find some other ways to cooperate in the future. Please keep on taking those nice shots.



  8. Frank says:

    Great minds/eyes think or see alike…. I took a close up of the same pepsi shot when I was there…..

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