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Nine Months.

lefever_unknown_little_church It has been about nine months since i last posted to this blog – though not forgotten – I reserve this space online and these thoughts to the consecrated space.

It has been a time of transition for me, perhaps beginning with the breakdown of my laptop in Prague (see Bad Apple).

Now here we are again, nine months later, a new laptop is readied to make the journey and  for editing photos,  updating web communications for this blog and keeping in touch with people in the US from Jerusalem.

Nine months is the time of a pregnancy. lefever_sts_peterpaul_behindtenement

I am a new born into a new life having seen my business in the commercial arts disappear in a failing economy, moved out from my Laguna Beach, California residence of 28.5 years into a room and a storage unit – those are the travailing weights, emotionally and psychologically of the pregnancy, and pains of my labor – a new born into what I do not know, like a new born seeing life for the first time. From this, I do know, I must pursue this project of bringing awareness of the consecrated to the American church. I do know I am free to do that and that I must because I am freed to do that.

I have seen successful investment by sponsors to finance the upcoming (2009/10) Israel trip as well as invitations from across the country for me to come stay – photograph the life and consecrated spaces in the towns of my hosts: Manhattan, Washington D.C., Denver, Santa Barbara, Albuquerque, Chicago.  Back to doing what is important to me. This blog can now be active again as I take the time to consider the  consecrated and share this journey.

2 Responses to “Nine Months.”

  1. Dale Fincher says:

    Looking forward to watching the baby birthed and walking.

  2. Jeff LeFever says:

    its a little frustrating learning to walk again… but I am a fast learner! :) Amen? I know you are there if I start to fall. I am determined to run, though. It is the speed I like. LOL

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