InSight [Inspiring Visual Worship]


I have been making a living from my art since 1979. Now I pour my energy into living a creative life that also benefits community.

My primary interests: consecration, & human choices that define a life… from the  pull of sensuality and morality, personal desire and social conscience.

Beauty attracts me, and honesty is a form of beauty as is the light that graces a leaf, or the rain that breaks down a dying flower, the sacrifices of an athlete to excel, the regrets of a dying man, the elevation of love, poetry of smoke,  whispers from the Divine…

Currently focused on consecration, and hence this blog site, it is my intention to help guide churches into consecrated space with the idea to be a community’s spiritual center, edifying the body and glorifying  God in the process. Process is key.

A building is built as a process of the living and as an exclamation (by the present generation), not to serve as a monument for the dead (past generations). It is in the process that we live.

Contact me direct at to find out about sponsorship opportunities.

Yours, in consideration of Truth Beauty and Goodness,

Jeff LeFever