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Bad Apple

Crucifix in Hand

Bad Bad Apple

Thank you to the many who have been asking where the blog updates have been.

Yes I am behind with the blog, and I apologize. Yes, there is a problem.

My Apple Laptop has died. The screen has stopped working and the Apple store in Prague could not bring it back to life. Their service tech  recommendation was to repair or replace my laptop when I get home. With out it, however, it is very difficult to edit the shots I take and post produce them for the blog. It looks like a new 17 will have to be purchased to replace my old 17. But that is for later and for now, the show must go on.

The management at the hotel has accommodated my pleas to load Lightroom (necessary for reading the 5d mkII RAW files) and Firefox so I could get to my MobileMe account. But with 512MB of RAM, it is VERY slow crunching (for those of you with Macs you will know this as the beach ball or colored wheel that comes up each time the system is having trouble calculating… or over burdened). It comes up so often I find myself falling asleep as if being hypnotized by a glistening watch swinging, and I am getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy….

I am able, however to take the captured digital data form my CF cards and transfer them to two external hard drives for back-up. That is a very good thing!

For the time I will be traveling outside of Prague, I will not have access to this computer, now known as my office. But I will be back for a final week near the end of March and try to post a couple more reflections.

The blog will continue long after I return as it is here for consecrated space and not just for the Prague trip. So much of the shots will be edited back at home.

In the meantime, here are a couple shots from a church called Our Lady of the Snows.

This opening image reminds me of something I read in a book about the power of images.