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Bad Apple

Crucifix in Hand

Bad Bad Apple

Thank you to the many who have been asking where the blog updates have been.

Yes I am behind with the blog, and I apologize. Yes, there is a problem.

My Apple Laptop has died. The screen has stopped working and the Apple store in Prague could not bring it back to life. Their service tech  recommendation was to repair or replace my laptop when I get home. With out it, however, it is very difficult to edit the shots I take and post produce them for the blog. It looks like a new 17 will have to be purchased to replace my old 17. But that is for later and for now, the show must go on.

The management at the hotel has accommodated my pleas to load Lightroom (necessary for reading the 5d mkII RAW files) and Firefox so I could get to my MobileMe account. But with 512MB of RAM, it is VERY slow crunching (for those of you with Macs you will know this as the beach ball or colored wheel that comes up each time the system is having trouble calculating… or over burdened). It comes up so often I find myself falling asleep as if being hypnotized by a glistening watch swinging, and I am getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy….

I am able, however to take the captured digital data form my CF cards and transfer them to two external hard drives for back-up. That is a very good thing!

For the time I will be traveling outside of Prague, I will not have access to this computer, now known as my office. But I will be back for a final week near the end of March and try to post a couple more reflections.

The blog will continue long after I return as it is here for consecrated space and not just for the Prague trip. So much of the shots will be edited back at home.

In the meantime, here are a couple shots from a church called Our Lady of the Snows.

This opening image reminds me of something I read in a book about the power of images.


Prague 04

Church of St, Giles, Pieta

I thought nothing of this Pieta when I saw it in the Church of St. Giles.

I documented it anyway.

It was later in the evening after editing the shot and after going to bed that I awoke from a shallow sleep, haunted. This image was on my mind and under my skin. The agony depicted in this shot didn’t take immediately but became more as it simmered sub consciously.

But not just the image of the dead Christ laying in His mother’s lap, His lifeless arm curled up over his heart, their faces separated by opposite direction and a dark cross looks as a shadow of death – not just that – but what was just out of the frame to the left.

Sitting forward on a bench, her back to me, with her head in her hands leaning toward the front of the church, was a girl who appeared troubled. She had come here obviously seeking solace from some hardship. The church was closed except for entry to the very back, the main of the church was behind a locked cast iron gate. And it was cold in there. For me the light was soft and I moved to the other side of the back to peer through the gate for something of interest.

Then I heard a wail from the girl, her agony was vocal.

Now it is the middle of the night in my hotel on my hard bed, and I am awake because of this image and that memory, and my lack of compassion at the time for that girl. And I think of the compassion of Christ even in death. And I think of Mary’s anguish for her son. And I think maybe I will remember this next time and not hesitate to being of help, if even to say a prayer for someone in pain when I encounter them. Even as I write this I am convicted. And I think of the dead Christ in Mary’s lap.

That statue, at the time, did not move me. But art can do this – it can resonate within us for consideration even becoming indelible.

Prague 03 New Town

Prayer Offering at St. Ignatius

3rd Day (2nd Day Out w/the Cameras) NEW TOWN new format.

As I pondered my next post, I thought of it starting something like this, “Nine hours walking cold cobblestone streets with 25 pounds slung over my shoulder is why Aspirin was invented.”

With each day of shooting comes a day and half of editing and post work, add another 1/2 day for the blog update and that means 3 days per outing. This doesn’t work for the time I have and the amount of images there are to acquire. That means something has to go. I have decided it is the Blog – at least in the current format.

I would love to keep everyone abreast of my travel, the sites, what I did, etc. but to be honest, that is not really what I had intended for the Blog. Although I am shooting more than consecrated spaces, as it is in my nature and curiosity for human activity that also propels the camera to my eye, or the embrace of sunlight to define an object from the shadow, the beautiful caress of an image to light the imagination… this Blog was to bring attention to and discuss the importance of Consecrated Space. I will share those photos with everyone on my list when I get back to the states.

With production hours in mind, I will have to produce fewer galleries as they take up the most time. When I have time I will post the galleries in a page that will be aptly named, “GALLERIES” and it will be located in the above drop down nav in the black bar called, “Pages”. I don’t know how many of those I will get to.

Something about a photo:
Photos have a life of their own. Though they are pictures of something that exists and was encountered, they are not that (they are … pictures, not the thing or the event). A photo tells its own story since it is removed from the event and the thing it echoes. Add to that the eye of the photographer and selective choice in bringing the image to the viewer, not to mention what the viewer brings to the image, how the image resonates with their feelings, thoughts… and it has its own life as a different creation. Like paintings, when unpacked, discussed, shared, they are a bridge on which dialog is met between people, and in the exchange of thoughts and feelings, abstract and intimate alike, we part with a piece of each other.

With that said, let US try something with this blog. If you are game.